Wellcome to the Raudus wiki!

This is the official community wiki about the Raudus framework, a RIA component set for Delphi/FreePascal programing language and IDE.

Please visit the Raudus web site at www.raudus.com to download the latest version, view examples, or contact with the author. Should you find a bug in Raudus, or dream on some new component to be added to raudus, please visit its bug tracking site to send a note to the author.

As a comunity effort to document Raudus and help programmers start using it with easy, you are welcome to join and help.

If you wish to help develop this little guide, please consider registering into the wiki, and fell free to add, improve or ammend any content you think is outdated or incomplete.

Please continue your visit with the Brief introduction on raudus.